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Blackstar ID 260, Duesenberg D440 series

This blog is to inform you of the very best guitars, amps and basses out there now!

We are one of the UK's best selection of hand picked guitars, amplifiers and basses. We think that the most important factor when buying a new guitar should be on quality. we have the best guitars in the UK for your budget!

We have a three point check policy in place to ensure that the guitars, amps and basses are in perfect condition coming in, during their stay with us and on departure to their new homes with you!

Ourfriendly and professional staff are ready to answer all your guitar related questions. Our young company brings together a wealth of experience spanning 50 years.

Here are a few reviews and our thoughts on some of our favourite stock items!!


The Blackstar rep swung by for a brew yesterday and while he was here he gave the ID amps in the shop the new upgrade, if you have one of these pups you can log on to the Blackstar website and download the new patch. check it out here!

I have no idea how they have done it but they have pimped them beyond what we thought possible!! the tones are to die for and the new deep end is brown note territory!

Ok Here are our thoughts on these unreal amps,

Blackstar I.D. 260 TVP Check them out here

Blackstar ID 260 TVP 2 X 12 comboAll youMarshall MG,Peavey or Laney users, time to upgrade, because Blackstar havenailed it at last with this fantastic new range of solid-state amps! With a truly ground-breaking and innovativenew design combining the famous sonic attributes of a traditional valve amp,but with the benefits of valve-specific modelling and programmability, I.D.series amps are equally at home either in the studio, or onstage. And withoutthe inherent fragility, weight or cost of its valve powered siblings, I.D. –series amps are reassuringly tour-able, affordable, and sound uncannilyauthentic. The I.D. 260 TVP is aimed at the musician whose primaryenvironment is a live one, as its 2x12 sound is broad and immersive, yet forstudio work or even home practice, the advanced nature of its technical designmeans that its sonic qualities in either of these situations remains uncompromised.

Tech spec
The ID:260TVP is a 2x 60 Watt stereo, programmable amp. With 2 x 12" speakers. The Valve Modellingfeature can select and simulate the sound of KT88, 6L6,KT66,EL34,6V6 and EL84valves


Blackstar ID 60 TVP 1 X 12 comboThe Blackstar ID 60 TVP, an all solid-state, 60watt,programmable, single 12” amp in lightweight and compact combo format. Itfeatures valve modelling and ‘True Valve Power’ (TVP). Valve-specific modelling is a new technicaldeparture for solid-state amps, and in the Blackstar it’s a feature that reallyworks! This amp is a truly ground-breaking and innovative new design. ID series amps are equally at home either inthe studio, or onstage. And without the inherent fragility, weight or cost ofit’s valve powered siblings, these amps are reassuringly tourable, affordable,and sound unbelievably authentic, whether in the studio, onstage, or even whenpracticing at home. After you’ve tried afew of the others, try one of these, as we’re confident it’s the one you’ll buy!

Tech Spec.
60 watt programmable 1 x 12” Celestion speaker amp in comboformat. Valve-specific modelling of EL34, EL84,KT66,6V6,6L6,&KT88.

Both amps are truly extraordinary and really worth trying!! our value for money rating was a 4/5, then we found the free upgrades and free software (you can build your own setups and sounds, then share them with fellow musicians) tipped us in favour of a very rare 5/5 for value for money.

Finally something very beautiful,

Duesenberg D440 Series Natural Electric Guitar
This electric guitar is a symbol of what is achievable whenbeauty and functionality come together in a symbiotic relationship. Arguablymore versatile and better engineered than even the legendary Gibson ES-335, theDuesenberg D440 NA is also a natural beauty. The elegant simplicity of itsarched, lacquered spruce top is complemented by an arched, figured maple back,with an unobtrusive, yet beautifully executed central inlay. The inspirationalchoice of pickups means that every tone selected has a rich, distinctive anduseable voice, (unlike the sounds heard from certain selector switch positionson a Strat, for example, or some Gibsons). These voices need to be heard, as they are not closely comparable to anyother known ‘classic’ tone. This fineguitar is a work of understated excellence throughout – an emblem of theconvergence of ergonomic needs, andthose of aesthetic design. And of course, it comes with classic Duesenbergquality factored in.
Suspend your belief, and try one of these superb instrumentsas soon as you can!
Duesenberg D440 Series Natural Electric Guitar Gallery Image
Gibson who?

Tech. Spec.
Duesenberg D440 NA E semi – hollow guitar. Arched, laminatedspruce top. Arched, laminated flame-maple back . Internal sustainer bar. Body Size: 51.5 x 41 x 6.8cm. Maple neck with rosewoodfingerboard. Scale length: 647mm, width at nut: 42mm. 12” fretboard radius, 22jumbo frets, dual action truss-rods. 1 ‘Domino’ DP90 pickup (neck), 1 ‘GrandVintage’ humbucker (bridge). Stop tailpiece, steel saddle tune-o-matic bridge.

Blog is one of the UK's newest online guitar and accessories retailers. We focus on all round quality. All of our stock is quality checked as it is delivered to our shop, then set up by one of our pro guitar techs before being displayed. We believe our online customer care is unrivalled and matches the same standards you would receive from walking through our front door. But don’t take our word for it here are some of our reviews from review centre.

"I am overall very happy with the customer service and would not hesitate to buy again from here. New website looks smart and makes everything easier to find!!" 5 stars *****

"I was very pleased with my new usa strat it was set up in top condition and plays like a dream" 4.5 stars

"I ordered a telecaster deluxe with these guys, it arrived swiftly and was set up perfectly with no hassle." 5 stars *****

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