Crimson is a British guitar manufacturer based in Dorset, England. Crimson have been innovating and building guitars for around 14 years, and all their materials are British and locally sourced. They also carry a range of guitar building tools and luthier's supplies. These unique guitars are of the highest quality, they sound phenomenal and have some striking aesthetic features.

Crimson's Raw Artist Series guitars are all beautiful in their own way. The ethos behind this series is that all woods are specially selected by one luthier and all the imperfections in the wood are included, whether that be knots, occlusions, through-body holes, insect holes or even bark. Crimson find the most interesting and unique reclaimed woods and build stunning guitars out of them. The Raw series are essentially custom guitars at production prices.

The One Series guitars have been created to offer amazing Crimson guitars at a more accessible price point. 

All One Series Crimson guitars are supplied with a Ritter gig bag, and all other Crimson guitars with a Hiscox Hard Case.

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