Fender 68 Custom Twin Reverb Guitar Amp Combo (Pre-Owned)


Fantastic pre-owned Fender Twin Reverb. The amp is in basically immaculate condition and is complete with cover, manual and foot switch. Only ever used at home. Never gigged. Still has card info topper on.

Honoring the classic look and iconic sound of Fender's late '60s "silverface" style amps, the '68 Custom Twin Reverb features 85 watts, dual 12" Celestion G12V-70 speakers, modified Twin Reverb all-tube circuitry, hand wired tube sockets, a vintage channel for traditional silverface tone, custom channel with Bassman tone circuit, and Fender tube-driven spring reverb and tremolo. The cabinet is made from birch and pine, covered with black textured vinyl, with a silver-turquoise grille cloth, silverface style front panel, and a blue jewel. The amp contains 4 x 12AX7 and 2 x 12AT7 preamps, 4 x 6L6 power amps, and a solid state rectifier. Controls include bright switch, volume, treble, middle, and bass on the Custom Channel, and bright switch, volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, speed, and intensity on the Vintage Channel.

Vendor: Fender

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