Taylor 514ce V-Class Bracing Electro Acoustic Guitar with Taylor Hard Case

Location: Scarborough

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Introducing Taylor's brand new innovation - the ground-breaking V-Class Bracing System. Andy Powers has re-imagined the Taylor Guitar, designing a new "sonic engine" which transforms the way the top vibrates to dramatically improve the sound. This new innovation marks a bold departure from X-bracing, producing notes that are louder, longer sustaining, and more in tune with each other. For a more detailed explanation of V-Class bracing, please visit Taylor's website via this link.


The Taylor 514ce Cedar top guitar, is perfect for fingerstyle players and guitarists with a lighter touch. Western Red Cedar, is a wood less dense than Spruce, and that softness typically translates into a sense of sonic warmth. Cedar makes quieter tones louder, but it also imposes more of a ceiling on high volumes, when they are driven by a more aggressive attack. Players with a light touch will sound spectacular on a guitar with a Cedar top, and this Western Red Cedar enhances that. The back and sides on this guitar are made from gloss Tropical Mahogany, a wood with a thick, present mid range sound. The Grand Auditorium shape is Taylor's most popular and versatile, lending itself to many playing styles. Taylor's carefully designed and researched Expression System 2 pickup system ensures an amplified true acoustic tone, not just the sound of a pickup. This brand new V-Class Bracing guitar also features new Century fret inlays, tortoise pickguard, Taylor nickel tuners, a new black graphite nut, and a new guitar label that bears the signature of master guitar designer Andy Powers.

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