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In 2016 Guitar Galleries opened a brand new store in Beverley, near Hull, with the prime directive of stocking Martin Guitars. Guitar Galleries Beverley is now a fully operational Martin Heritage Center meaning we stock and supply every level of Martin Guitar to suit every player; from beginners to experienced musicians we will have the perfect instrument to suit your budget.

C.F. Martin & Co. has been creating the some of the finest instruments in the world for over 180 years.
It continues to innovate, introducing techniques and features that have become industry standards,
including X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar and the “Dreadnought” size.

One of the world’s leading acoustic instrument makers, Martin guitars are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and women, who use a combination of new design and techniques, along with those introduced by the company founder.

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Guitar Galleries | Martin Heritage Center