Acus AD Acoustic Amp, Wood

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The largest model in the Oneforstrings range in terms of power and sound pressure, Acus recommend the Oneforstrings AD is best for solo performers or a small ensemble as an all in one 5 channel solution, you can use it as a stand-alone PA (up to approx 150 people). A particular feature of this unit can be found on channel 4, which is equipped with a 3-position switch, that can be used to further enhance the tone of the instrument plugged in.
Position 1 – Viola, Violin and Cello
Position 2 – Classical and Steel String Guitar
Position 3 – Semi Acoustic/Jazz
Each channel is equipped with a Peak LED, 4 band EQ, Effect volume and Channel volume.
Channel 1,2,3 give you the option of Mic/Line input, Channel 5 is designed for line input only. The system has an Aux input, with its own 2 band EQ, 2 outputs (Line/Stereo Out) and its own volume control. Other features include a headphone socket (with a separate volume control), 8 digital effects  (adjustable in the master section) and a Resonance Filter, which helps reduce feedback. The One For Strings AD  delivers 350 watts of power in 16 kg in weight, making it an exceptionally versatile and portable amp.

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