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Protecting your ears is very important. You only get one pair, after all, and they cannot easily be replaced! Especially under loud, noisy circumstances, hearing protection is of the essence. Cheap standard earplugs offer some protection, but a little noise often leaks through. With these ACME plugs that’s not the case, as they are custom moulded!

The concept of ACME hearing protection
ACME stands for Ahead Custom Molded Earplugs. As the name reveals, these earplugs do not come in a standard shape; they are custom moulded to fit your ears. All ear canals are different (in fact, not even your own two ears are identical), so custom moulded hearing protection requires precision. With ACME, you can make your own set of earplugs in just 10 minutes time.

How to make your own hearing protection
It’s easy. Make sure your hands and ears are clean and disinfected. Take the two separate gum components from their containers and divide each colour into two even parts. Take one white part and one tan part and knead them together until the mix has one solid colour. Place the gum into your ear canal to start the moulding process.

Wait 10 to 12 minutes without moving your jaws (so the shape of the plugs and therefore the noise reduction rate won’t be affected). Make sure to smoothen the material on the outside of your ear for a clean look. After 10 to 12 minutes, take the mould between your thumb and index finger and take it out of your ear by gently pulling and twisting.

You are now the proud owner of a set of custom moulded earplugs! Take note: let the earplugs sit for three hours and let them harden before you use them.

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