Blackstar ID: Core 20 Combo Guitar Amplifier

The Blackstar ID: Core 20 is the ultimate entry level amplifier. Affordable, portable, and full of a huge array of features to experiment with! The Core 10 is a 2 x 10 watt programmable combo, with Super Wide Stereo to deliver the best sound and a totally immersive playing experience. The ID: Core is the result of more than seven years extensive research and development. This amazingly versatile amp has six unique voice options to start with: Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1, and OD 2. When used together with Blackstar patented ISF feature, which takes you from USA to UK tones and anywhere in the middle, you're well on your way to achieving the sound you desire. The effects section of the ID Core includes 12 vintage style, studio quality effects: 4 x modulation, 4 x reverb, and 4 x delay. Deep editing and storing of patches is simple with the ID: Core 20, using Blackstar INSIDER software. Patches can be shared, uploaded and downloaded via the online community. The USB connector also allows you to record from the amp directly into your computer. You can easily and accurately imitate the sounds of your favourite guitarists, and also have all the options and settings available to create your personal perfect tone. The Blackstar ID: Core 20 will have you hooked on playing your guitar!

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