Blackstar LT-Boost Pedal

The Blackstar LT-Boost pedal is a lightweight, compact update on Blackstar's well established HT pedals. The LT-Boost gently pushes your amp into a smooth overdrive, and has been redesigned to provide maximum delivery of the clearest and most dynamic of overdriven tones. The LT-Boost is conveniently sized, and extremely flexible. The LT can be used to simply boost the volume of the clean channel, to further equalize your sound, or to drive your amp into unmistakable Blackstar overdrive. The LT-Boost is simple to use, with both bass and treble knobs and variable gain. And the patent applied for clipping circuit allows for smooth transition between clean and boost. The LT-Boost runs on a 9V battery and is the perfect size to fit nicely onto any pedal board.