Crimson Custom Shop Descendant Copper Top Electric Guitar

This is one of Crimson's most unique and striking guitars. Crimson are well known for creating stunning custom copper top guitars, and this is the first copper top Descendant model that we've had in stock. Different to our PAF Hollows, in that this is a solid Descendant body style. The guitar is of course coated in wonderfully stylish copper, with a "patchwork" effect. The pickups are two of Crimson's own specially designed humbuckers, coated in a gold mesh, which looks just awesome alongside the copper. The pickups have a simple configuration of a three way selector switch, with one master volume and one master tone control. The neck pickup is warm and rich, with a nice clear clean tone. However both pickups sound amazing and come to life through a dirty channel. This is a brilliant rock guitar. The guitar comes with a hard case included. 

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