Crimson Custom Shop PAF Hollow Copper Electric Guitar

One of the most distinctive Crimson guitar designs are the PAF Hollow Copper models. This PAF Hollow Copper top is made from maple like a usual PAF, but is finished in a rusty, stylish copper finish. The hollow guitar has a single-cut body design, and is entirely covered from top to bottom in copper. The guitar features two of Crimson's own specially researched and designed humbucking pickups, with one master volume, one master tone, and an interesting tone selection configuration. The guitar has two three-way switches on it. One is a selector switch between the two pickups, and one is one of Crimson's most popular touches. First position on the switch keeps the pickup as a humbucker, second position is essentially a coil tap which changes the pickup to a single-coil, and the third position causes the pickup to bypass the tone and volume controls and go straight out as the natural sound of the pickup. This guitar is incredibly versatile, and it comes with a hard case included too. 

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