Doc's Pro Plugs Ear Plugs, Medium

Doc's ProPlugs Clear Vented Earplugs are an outer ear, pre-moulded earplug developed specifically for water sports.

Designed to sit in the ear without entering the ear canal, they reduce the build-up of pressure while providing increased comfort levels.

A two-way vent allows for safer equalisation when scuba diving while providing great clarity of sound, enabling you to carry on a conversation without removing the plugs.

Doc's ProPlugs Clear Vented Earplugs also prevent ear wax from being flushed away to avoid your ears succumbing to infections.

This product does not include a lanyard but does come with a plastic carry case; to ensure correct sizing, please refer to the measurement chart below the main product image.

Although specifically designed for water sports, this ear plug has also seen great success in recent years with drummers and other musicians!

Key features:
  • Designed for water sports
  • Reduces build-up of ear pressure
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Pre-moulded, comfortable fit
  • Safer equalisation for scuba diving
  • Maintained sound clarity

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