Duesenberg 59 Series Black with Trem including Hard Case. Display model excellent condition.

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The Duesenberg 59 Series Black Tremolo guitar is a guitar which Duesenberg say combines the best features of the 49er and the 52 Senior. The 59er is chambered like the 52 Senior, yet is made from solid Mahogany with a thick, rich Maple top. The outcome of this particular construction is a lightweight guitar with very unique tonal qualities - the areas of hollow on the body blend perfectly with the two Duesenberg Grand Vintage Humbuckers, and create a magnificent sound. This 59er is the Tremolo model, which comes in Black. Featuring a Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola, which is attached to the tail-piece with a special adaptor, so it can be easily altered to a stop-tail-piece if desired. The 59 Series is an incredible looking guitar with brilliant, rich, powerful tone. The 59er comes with a gorgeous Duesenberg Hard Case.

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