Ex Demo Blackstar HT Metal 412A 4x12" Cabinet

The HT Metal 412A 4x12" Speaker Cabinet is a beast of a cabinet, voiced especially for high-gain styles of playing and great for any gigging situation or musical genre. The HT Metal 412A is loaded with 4 world class 12" Celestion loudspeakers and drivers which have been created to work perfectly with the HT Metal series heads, as well as a wide range of other amplifiers. The HT Metal 412A features finger jointed construction, heavy duty wiring, 320W angled/straight extension cabinet, mono/stereo, custom metal styling, 4 x Celestion loudspeakers which deliver unbelievable power and sustain, and cool metal style logo. The HT Metal 412A looks the part, sounds amazing, and won't let you down even in the most challenging of gigging environments.

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