Fender American Standard FSR Telecaster (Second hand, immaculate with hardcase)

The Fender American Standard Telecaster (Second hand, immaculate) is a classic, true workhorse guitar. This FSR Telecaster has all the charm of an authentic Fender Tele, with a few modern updates. The body is made from Alder, and finished in a time-honoured Dakota Red gloss finish. This limited run Telecaster has a unique channel bound neck, meaning the Rosewood fingerboard is inlaid into the modern "C" shaped Maple neck. This gives the neck an elegant look and amazingly comfortable playability, as there is no side seam between the neck and fingerboard, so your fretting hand glides along effortlessly. The FSR American Standard Tele features two single-coil pickups - a Custom Shop Single-Coil Broadcaster, and a Custom Shop "Twisted" Single-Coil Tele, giving the guitar a wide range of great crisp, bright, and warm tones.

This guitar is second hand, although it is in immaculate condition and comes with a hard case.

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