Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed


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Fender's 15 watt gem has been given the vintage treatment with this very special Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed. Its golden, vintage tones are created by an all-tube signal path, sporting a pair of EL84 outputs, and three 12AX7s. This limited run Lacquered Tweed Blues Junior is home to a vintage-voiced 12" Jensen speaker. This amp features world-renowned, controllable Fender reverb, along with a 3-band EQ, on a chrome panel, surrounded by tweed, and finished off with a vintage-style brown and gold grille cloth.  Also featuring a FAT switch for an extra boost of mids. This gorgeous little nostalgic amplifier is a must-have for Fender amp enthusiasts. 

Vendor: Fender

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