JAM RetroVibe. Classic Late 60's Univibe Effect Pedal

JAM pedals are handmade and beautifully hand painted guitar effects pedals, each supplied with their own unique patterned drawstring bag and JAM plectrum. 


Here's what JAM say about their Retro Vibe:

The RetroVibe is our take on the greatest Vibe pedal ever made! The original goal was to achieve the sound of a vintage UniVibe, but after getting there, we looked into taking it a few extra steps further! Made with original NOS 2SC828 transistors and carbon comp resistors for a true vintage sound! An added twist ! We have incorporated an extra internal trimmer that affects the maximum intensity of the effect, but also dramatically manipulates the sound of the RetroVibe, all the while, maintaining the pedal’s true vintage character. If you are a Hendrix/Trower fan, this is your pedal!

Follow this link for more information about JAM: http://www.jampedals.com/

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