Jim Dunlop Clyde McCoy Crybaby Wah Pedal

Created from drawing decades of expertise and building experience to ensure that it faithfully represents the tone and spirit of the very first wah wah. The original Clyde McCoy pedal was voiced with a special component known as the Halo inductor, giving the pedals their highly coverted smooth vocal quality. However, this component would often add an unwanted microphonic noise. So in order to eliminate that undesirable sound, the engineers at Dunlop have created the HI01 Halo Inductor to solve that problem. They've updated the original design with a stabilized cup core to preserve the unique Clyde McCoy sound, without the unpleasant microphonics. The rest of the pedal's circuitry is true to its forebear, delivering that same warm, raspy, great sound of the original McCoy.

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