Laney Nexus Studio Live SLS112 Bass Amplifier

A 100% British made, compact single channel bass amp from Laney, the Nexus Studio Live SLS-112 is small enough to transport easily, yet powerful enough to provide killer bass tones suitable for any gigging or recording situation. The Laney SLS-112 features 500 watts of power and ECC83 pre-amp valves, along with a 3-band EQ, digital reverb, and effects loop. The Nexus Studio Live also offers the T-USB option, which lets you connect right into your computer and becomes the digital interface between you and your music. Also featuring capability for headphones, mini jack, tuner, footswitch, and output loudspeaker. The Laney Nexus Studio Live SLS-112 is a fantastic bass amplifier for both live and studio use.

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