Orange CR120H Crush Pro 120watt Guitar Amplifier Head

The new Crush Pro series mark Orange's first foray into the world of high-power, solid-state guitar amps. The reason Orange took so long to release a solid-state, is because they weren't completely satisfied with the sound, until now. The researchers and developers at Orange have spent years trying to get it just right. They felt it was important to keep it simple, not to bombard the player with tonnes of controls and features, yet still create a versatile, great sounding amp head. That's why the CR120H has a straight forward two channel design with simple EQ's. and a master volume and reverb. The Dirty channel uses a circuit based on four stages of gain and a 3-band EQ, giving the player a wide range of distorted tones. The Clean channel is based on a two stage, two-band EQ design, which gives the player a warm sound, that when cranked up, starts to break up into a nice crunch. The CR120H also features an effects loop, allowing you to plug your favourite effects pedals in too. Finally the amplifier head features a Reverb knob, with either spring, hall or plate variations to choose from. With the signature Orange picture frame edging, and hieroglyphs, the CR120H looks just as iconic as it's valve brothers too.

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