Orange Dark Terror 15W Class A Valve Guitar Amplifier Head

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Don't be fooled by the Dark Terror's size. It's a tiny amp with monstrous power! This 15 watt head is an easily recognisable, aggressive little amplifier with bags of gain. In Orange amp terms, it combines the Shape control of the Thunder series with the size and weight of the Terror family, to create the ultimate compact, metal machine. This amp is perfect for heavy metal and rock guitarists. The amount of gain you can pull out is absolutely out of this world. The dark, fearless looks, heavy, sturdy construction and incredible portability make this amplifier amazingly desirable. The Dark Terror has only three simple controls - Volume, Shape, and Gain. Shape acts as an EQ, taking the tone from a deep, heavy bottom, up through to a mid and treble filled sparkle, and anywhere in-between. Using a mixture of the Volume and Gain controls, you can achieve great rock tones, as well as snarling, aggressively over-driven metal sounds. This amp is extremely powerful and versatile. You can even switch the output from 15 watts to 7 watts.

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