Orange DD50 Dual Dark 50 Watt Guitar Head

Showcasing Orange amplification at its most innovative, the Dual Dark 50 watt is a powerful and extremely versatile head. These new amps build on Orange's reputation for creating the ultimate British guitar amp. Different to anything in the range yet still true to the heritage, the head has two completely different voiced channels, and an attenuator control knob. Channel A features a 3-band EQ, as well as Volume and Gain controls. Channel B also features Volume and Gain controls, but has a Shape control knob, rather than a 3-band EQ. However, the Shape works as an EQ. Turning the knob takes the tone from very heavy-bottomed and deep, all the way up through mids and sparkling bright treble. Both channels are capable of punching out ridiculous amounts of gain, yet will also produce the cleanest of tones if you turn the Gain down. And as always with Orange, cranking the Volume right up with just a touch of Gain drives the speakers to a classic boutique crunch. The array of tones and sounds you can achieve with the Dual Dark 50 is mind blowing. "Taking it’s place among the elite super-high-gain heads, Orange’s all tube Dual Dark 50 is equally proficient at producing modern, ear melting gain and yesteryear’s British Chime." - Platinum Award - Guitar World May 2014.

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