Orange Divo VT-1000 Valve Tester

Orange have created one of the first user-friendly amplifier valve testers. The Divo VT-1000 is a pioneering new technology to match, test and grade valves quickly and simply. The VT-1000 will help every guitarist, rental company, valve amp manufacturer and guitar tech across the planet. Handily compact and very easy to use, the VT-1000 is a fully automatic valve tester, which performs a wide range of checks and tests quickly and accurately. Users can easily match and test valves, as well as receiving a reliable health check as to whether the valve is good, bad or worn. Orange have developed the world's first fully automatic, portable, digital valve tester, to make testing your own valves hassle free. Before the VT-1000, getting your valves tested was more than likely difficult, unreliable and expensive, but now it doesn't have to be. This product will test all popular power and preamp valves. The VT-1000 unit has one octal and two nine pin valve sockets for different valve types. All you have to do is insert the valve to be tested into the correct socket, choose the right valve type from the list on the unit and press 'OK' to begin testing. The valve will be tested for a wide range of possible problems, and the results will be displayed clearly by LEDs. The simplicity of operation and conciseness of the results certainly make this VT-1000 a worthwhile purchase.

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