Orange Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary "Shiny Terror"

In 2016, Orange are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the incredible Tiny Terror. This limited edition amp and cab pay homage to the original lunch-box amp which kick-started the low wattage amp craze, with hand-wired components, deluxe speakers, and a shiny new aesthetic. The Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary - or "Shiny Terror" - is a point-to-point, hand-wired version of the Tiny Terror (which has now been discontinued by Orange), housed in a unique mirror-effect, stainless steel chassis. Each Shiny Terror head comes with an open-back speaker cabinet, finished in British Racing Green, and containing a pair of Celestion G10 Gold alnico speakers. With only 110 of these limited edition amplifiers world-wide, this is your chance to own a truly special, stunning, one of a kind half-stack. 

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