Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Fishman Isyst

The Seagull Excursion Series are affordable, North American made guitars to suit any level of guitarist. This Excursion Natural Grand SG is a compact sized parlour guitar, with a full sound that defies its small size. Over the last few years the parlour size guitar has become increasingly popular, especially amongst singer/songwriter styles, and this guitar shows off the style perfectly. The Grand SG is made out of Canadian Wild Cherry back, sides, and top, made of a three layer lamination of real hardwood. The neck is a Silver Leaf Maple integrated set neck, with a smooth Rosewood fingerboard. The Natural Grand SG is equipped with world class Fishman IsysT electronics, with EQ tone shaping control and on-board LED tuner. At just £369, this Excursion series Seagull guitar is incredible value for money.

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