Taylor 322ce 12-Fret V-Class Bracing Electro Acoustic Guitar with Hard Case

Location: Beverley & Scarborough

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Introducing Taylor's brand new innovation - the ground-breaking V-Class Bracing System. Andy Powers has re-imagined the Taylor Guitar, designing a new "sonic engine" which transforms the way the top vibrates to dramatically improve the sound. This new innovation marks a bold departure from X-bracing, producing notes that are louder, longer sustaining, and more in tune with each other. For a more detailed explanation of V-Class bracing, please visit Taylor's website via this link.


This is Guitar Galleries' first Taylor V-Class braced Grand Concert body shape! V-Class bracing lends extra power, sustain and sweetness to this cutaway 12-fret Grand Concert, broadening its musical range. Blackwood back and sides produces a strong voice with a meaty midrange and a splash of top-end shimmer, while the mahogany top adds a touch of natural compression to smooth out the response from top to bottom. This guitar features a 12-fret neck, simply meaning the neck joins the body at the 12th fret, rather than the traditional 14th. This combined with the slightly shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length, the smaller Grand Concert shape, and the positioning of the bridge closer to the centre of the lower bout, produces a slinkier hand feel and a more compact and comfortable guitar. The 322ce 12-Fret is equipped with Taylor's Expression System 2 electronics - their breakthrough behind-the-saddle transducer pickup, which amplifies the true tone of each unique guitar. The dark and earthy aesthetic of this guitar incorporates a Shaded Edgeburst finish over the dusky mahogany top, along with black binding, an all-satin finish, a black pickguard, small diamond fret inlays in Italian acrylic on the ebony fingerboard, and a stylish slotted headstock. The guitar comes with a Taylor deluxe hardshell case. As standard with all V-Class models, this guitar features a new black graphite nut, and new inner sticker featuring the signature of Taylor's master guitar designer, Andy Powers.

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