Taylor 326e Baritone-8 LTD Electro Acoustic 8-String Guitar

An 8-string baritone guitar opens the door to a fantastic new tonal palette. It serves up a husky lower-register voicing (it’s tuned from B to B) with a touch of octave sparkle on two middle strings. This 8-string baritone features Taylor's classic baritone body style, the Grand Symphony, and is crafted from sapele back and sides with a solid mahogany top. Both have dry tonal properties with a strong fundamental response that suits a baritone 8 (with a baritone’s lower fundamental notes, the high-pitch overtone series can interfere with other notes, so dry-sounding woods tend to be preferred for baritones.) The guitar is equipped with Taylor's Expression System 2 - their breakthrough behind-the-saddle transducer which captures all of the guitar's dynamic properties and unique tones beautifully. The guitar is finished off with standard 300 series appointments - a smooth satin finish and shaded edgeburst around the dark mahogany top.

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