Taylor 414ce Electro Acoustic Guitar

The Taylor 414ce is a stunningly beautiful electro acoustic guitar. Crafted from African Ovangkol, a wood relative of Rosewood, with many of the same tonal properties. Ovangkol originates from tropical West Africa, and boasts a slightly fuller midrange than Rosewood, with a top not quite as bright as Maple. This guitar has an iconic Taylor Grand Auditorium shape, with a Venetian cutaway, white binding, progressive dot fingerboard inlays and a three-ring soundhole rosette. The X bracing on the 414ce is forward shifted, with the patented Relief Rout feature. This feature entails putting a groove along the inside edges of the top, similar to that of a violin. Equipped with Taylor's Expression System, the 414ce's pickup system ensures that you clearly hear the amplified sound of the acoustic guitar, not the sound of the pickup. The natural, bassy, warm Taylor tones created by the vast body and exotic Ovangkol wood are amplified with complete purity.

Very small mark to the front aprox 2mm-3mm, hardly noticeable.

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