Taylor 814ce V-Class Bracing Electro Acoustic Guitar with Taylor Hard Case

Location: Beverley

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Introducing Taylor's brand new innovation - the ground-breaking V-Class Bracing System. Andy Powers has re-imagined the Taylor Guitar, designing a new "sonic engine" which transforms the way the top vibrates to dramatically improve the sound. This new innovation marks a bold departure from X-bracing, producing notes that are louder, longer sustaining, and more in tune with each other. For a more detailed explanation of V-Class bracing, please visit Taylor's website via this link.



Taylor's flagship Grand Auditorium now boasts even more sonic delights with the introduction of V-Class Bracing. The Grand Auditorium body shape is Taylor's most popular and versatile, lending itself wonderfully to fingerpickers, flatpickers, and strummers alike. The classic tonewood combination of Indian rosewood back and sides and Sitka spruce top delivers its characteristic blend of warmth, low-end presence, and high-range sparkle, but V-Class bracing elevates that tone to new heights. Notes sustain longer, allowing rosewood’s rich overtones to bloom with more clarity than ever, and the advanced bracing scheme introduces greater power and tunefulness across the entire tonal spectrum for a rich and expressive sound. The mahogany neck features a 25.5" scale length, and a beautiful streaky ebony fingerboard punctuated with Element inlays. The 814ce is equipped with Taylor's Expression System 2- a breakthrough behind-the-saddle transducer pickup which accurately amplifies the true sound of the guitar. This gorgeous guitar also features a rosewood pickguard, maple binding, Taylor nickel tuners, a new black graphite nut, and a new guitar label that bears the signature of master guitar designer Andy Powers.

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