Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Electro Acoustic Guitar 2107276363

This year Taylor have crafted a limited run of beautiful GS Minis, made from Hawaiian Koa, and equipped with Taylor's Expression System 2 electronics. The GS Mini-e Koa limited editions feature back and sides made from veneered koa, and a solid koa top. Koa is a wood so rare, it is illegal to cut it down - they have to wait for the trees to fall down before using them! The wood also sounds better with age, so the more you play the guitar, the better it sounds. The necks are made from sapele, with ebony fingerboards decorated in 5mm dot inlays. And finally, the GS Mini-e Koas feature Taylor's full ES2 system. This is Taylor's patented, breakthrough behind-the-saddle transducer pickup, which truly and accurately amplifies the natural sound of the guitar with no interruptions. This pickup system is fitted as standard on Taylor guitars at least twice the price! These guitars are phenomenal value for money, and they sound just as beautiful as they look. Koa creates stunning unique patterns and grains, and our collection of GS Mini-e models in stock at the moment are all completely different, so have a look through them all! Each guitar comes with a Taylor GS Mini padded gig bag.

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