As of October 2017, Guitar Galleries is now home to a Taylor Experience Room, containing over 60 astonishingly beautiful and innovative Taylor Guitars. Carefully crafted from gorgeous, specially selected tonewoods, including Indian Rosewood, Brown Sugar Stained Maple, Sapele, Tropical Mahogany, African Ovangkol, Hawaiian Koa, and Tasmanian Blackwood. The electronics are out of this world too. Taylor's innovative Expression System® pickups are meticulously researched and designed to accurately amplify the true sound of each specific guitar. We also stock a wide range of Taylor guitars with the new V-Class Bracing system. Whether you're buying a 100 series guitar, or you're going for an 800 or 900, the quality of materials, stunning craftsmanship and intricately designed electronics certainly will not disappoint, whichever series you choose from. For more information on Taylor guitars you can start here or visit